The GITT Chair

The GITT Chair (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism) of the University of Seville was founded in 2017 as a result of a collaboration of this University with Tourism Optimizer Platform (TOP).

The main goal of the GITT Chair (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism) is the promotion of teaching and multidisciplinary investigation activities related to governmental and institutional travels. By means of reality, prospects and problems study, new strategies and technologies are being developed for this new tourism segment and its specialization.

The campus community will have the opportunity to assimilate corporate culture through training on the sector organization, culture and values from all possible perspectives by means of training programs and research activities. This will also improve the knowledge on this field among the students of the University of Seville and other universities participating in the GITT Chair.

What we do

From the GITT Chair, actions and activities are being developed that are focused on:

The support of the University of Seville in actions aimed to promote entrepreneur capacity building and training through the pursuit of excellence in the governmental and institutional travel segment.
Investigation and documentation actions that lead to the creation of the GITT Knowledge Bank, the scientific repository based on the GITT sector (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism).

Dissemination activities through conferences, workshops and symposiums aimed to extend and democratize the knowledge on this tourism segment never identified before.